Discovering the world of wines!

I started my second batch of Perpetual Broth today, again using a whole stewing chicken from Taylor Made Farm. I really liked having broth all week when I made it the first time even though I don’t think we used it quite as efficiently as we could have. For example, we could have drank a lot more of it and topped the chicken bones off with water more often to get more yield. But I think that getting into the habit of drinking plain broth, especially for breakfast, might take a while. I drank a few cups here and there, but had to add some salt to it since it seemed very bland to me. But even with the salt, the kids were not interested at all in plain broth. Anyone got any ideas on how to get the kids on board with it?? Regardless, having the broth on hand for soups was really great. All the soups we made with it were so flavorful and tasty. I’m so happy I discovered this method of making broth (thanks Joy!) and think it will become a staple around here.

In other news, I have discovered a whole new world of flavor sensations: wine!

Wine was never really something I enjoyed. Whenever I had to buy a bottle of wine I’d go to the store and stand in front of the shelves of bottles upon bottles all confused. I had no idea how to pick out something “good.” I don’t think I ever even knew what good wine was supposed to taste like. Most of the wine I had was “Two Buck Chuck” or maybe a step above. I’m sad to admit I don’t think I ever even had a $15 bottle of wine in my 38 years on this earth! It was all a mystery to me that felt remote and inaccessible.

However, I predict that is all going to change soon! In the last few days I have bought 3 cases of local wine from the wine makers or wine grape growers themselves. Yesterday I enjoyed a couple glasses of a red wine called Marechal Foch made from organic grapes and produced right here in Portland by King’s Raven Wines. I thought it was delicious. It also felt really nice to buy the wine directly from Darin Ingram himself, the person who both grew the grapes and made the wine, and sit down with him and ask him questions about his practices (organic), values and goals. It made it so much more personal and enjoyable compared to blindly picking something off a shelf at Trader Joe’s. I can’t wait to taste more and learn more about wines! It’s as if a hidden universe is opening up in front of me, and what better place to be than right where I am!

What do you look for in a wine? Is local important to you? What are some of your favorites out there?

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