We did it!!! We made our goal!!!

I have been chomping at the bit all day, wanting to write (but holding babies instead) this “Hurray! We did it!” update and thank you all for your support, encouragement and for believing that this would and should happen. Thanks to all of you, together, we have reached our funding goal, and we’re going to have enough funds to pay for the basic infrastructure needed to open our awesome, new daily market!

Check out this screen shot of the graph Kickstarter generates. That last “bump” that put us over our goal came in really fast this morning. What a huge sigh of relief I breathed! I’m sure you all heard it echo all over Portland!

So….. we still have 6 days left. Let’s see how far we can stretch! What kinds of awesome things could we accomplish with more funds?

With extra funds, once the market is open, we could have weekly cooking demos or little workshops to help people learn new food preparation and preservation skills. I know we have so many skilled members in our community; how great would it be to develop a skill sharing program, and be able to offer the instructor an honorarium as thanks for sharing their skills with others!

Another idea I’d love to see materialize is outfitting our kitchen with an oven. So far our menu has been limited by the lack of an oven. Being able to bake our own cookies and pies, and adding healthy warm dishes like quiche and frittata to our menu would be so wonderful!

As always, I am interested in what YOU, our primary community, wants to see happen, so leave me comments! Typically, stretch goals help the entire community benefit from bringing in more pledges. Invite friends, get in on an add-on, or bump up your pledge, and we will be able to make the market experience better for everyone. Let’s make it really thrive!


  •  I Love KTF organic t-shirt – Add $25 ($35 shipped in US)


  • Extra bag refills – Add $25 for each refill


  • 10 drink refills – Add $20
  • café cap – Add $5

Thank you again, truly, from the bottom of my heart!
This is all possible thanks to YOU!

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