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LOGIN TO THE NEW SHOP: Existing members, login with your email address and enter any character in the password field. It will prompt you to set a password of your choosing.

  • You no longer have to be a Member-Owner to shop our catalog! Our publicly listed prices are available to everyone.
  • Member-Owners enjoy preferred prices, viewable when you login.
  • We no longer add an additional "co-op fee" at checkout. You pay the prices you see when you log in (price is based on your membership type).
  • We now require payment online by credit card. Be sure to checkout to submit your order, or your items will not be delivered.
  • We also accept EBT for online orders. Be sure to checkout to submit your order, and bring your EBT card with you to the co-op to pick up your food.
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You may join as a Member-Owner to enjoy discounted shopping or simply shop at retail.

We hope you will help us test out the new system. If you find any bugs or get any weird looking automated emails, or are looking for an item that was previously listed, please contact us.

Know Thy Food Cooperative
3434 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

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