Dreaming of a warehouse…

Today was Azure Standard drop day, and we took delivery of about 1,200 lbs of food for 15 or so families. Our own orders has shrunk down to almost nothing since we are still stocked up on a lot of basics, and mainly eating fresh produce from our CSA and bi-weekly organic produce deliveries. This time I only got canned tuna (I still don’t know how to wean ourselves off this product), frozen wild Alaskan salmon, cashews, raw sugar, some cheese, a dozen eggs (to supplement our own home laid ones!), a few rice tortillas, and lots of butter from Rumiano. Plus some organic animal barley and kelp granules to mix in with the chicken food I am making next week.

Tomorrow I am getting over 1,100 lbs of fresh organic produce delivered to my doorstep for about 30 families. We are also getting our weekly raw milk delivery. It’s all very exciting, and I am beginning to dream of having a small warehouse or store front where I can take delivery of all this food instead of running it all out of our front porch. Of course that would add a lot to the over head, but I think it would be so much fun! (Read: if you know of a suitable location in Portland, please let me know! Or if there’s someone out there good at writing business plans, doing financial projections and applying for grants/loans, do contact me! I need some help figuring out how to get all of this off the ground.)

Other than that, I’ve been busy launching Portland Green Parenting’s online shop. I am really excited about carrying more Earth and family friendly products. I am also really interested in showcasing the talents of local crafty mamas and designers. Portland has an incredible craft and DIY culture, and I think it would be so neat to offer more local shopping resources to families in the area. I know I’d rather support a local WAHM than some big anonymous corporation”out there.”

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