2015 Holiday Hours

We will be closing at 3 PM on Thursday, December 24th.

We will be closed all day Friday, December 25th in order for our staff to enjoy time with friends and family.

We will reopen on Saturday, December 26th at 8 AM.

We wish you all peaceful and joyous holidays!

~ All of us at KTF


Date: Wednesday, October 28th 2015

Time: 6:30-9:00 PM

Location: Know Thy Food Cooperative


Present: Jocelyn Mueller (President)

Rebecca Andersson

Amy Heck

Natalie Bennon

Brooke Klein

Jenna VanLooven


Sarah Gilbert (guest at the time of this meeting)


  1. Jocelyn Mueller called to order at 6:35 PM
  2. Quorum: 6 of 7 members present
  3. Committee reports
    1. Finance
      1. Review of finances by Sarah: we are confident in our operating finances to move forward with making purchase decisions about POS and online operating software, as well as a computer that runs Windows if necessary
      2. Outstanding items
        1. Need weekly ordering budgets for staff
        2. Need weekly cash flow statements and projections
    2. Governance
      1. Decision has been made on management structure
        1. Board will function as GM for now
        2. GM position will be filled in January
        3. Each of three departments will also have a department manager
      2. Goal for now is stability in operations, with changes planned for January.
      3. We will ask current department managers to keep track of daily finances for now, and to also compile ideas for future improvements that they will later present to the board for consideration
    3. Marketing
      1. Open house event with Azure Standard was successful, and 14 new member-owners were signed up
      2. We are confident that the goal of signing up 50 new member-owners by January will be achievable
      3. Ideas for future marketing:
        1. canvass farmers markets as they begin to close up for the year
        2. consider working with ProFarm at the farmer’s market for next season, they offered to let us work their booth
  4. Resolution to execute agreement to purchase KTF, and we authorize board of directors to sign documents, and to ratify all previous actions of the board in accordance with the sale.
    1. Motion to ratify resolution made by Sara Gilbert
      1. seconded by Natalie Brennon
      2. approved by consensus and passed (five voting board members present, Rebecca Andersson abstained from voting due to conflict of interest)
      3. Purchase agreement signed by all five board members
    2. Action:
      1. Rebecca will have the bill of sale notarized
  5. Discussion of Rebecca’s current tasks and who can take them over
    1. Actions:
      1. Sarah will take over bill-paying
      2. Checking account needs to be transferred so the appropriate people have access
      3. Need to put out an ad to hire a new staff member
      4. Jocelyn will contact the payroll company to transfer to the co-op
      5. all employees need to fill out new hire paperwork
      6. Oversight committee will review each payroll report and send it in for processing
      7. KTF Managers will handle contacting vendors to inform of transition to co-op
  6. Resolution to add Annie Bosworth-Foley and Jocelyn Grupp Mueller to the Rivermark Credit Union bank account, and give both check-signing authority, effective immediately
    1. Motion to approve this resolution by Natalie, seconded by Amy, and passed with consensus (6 of 6 present members)
  7. Next Board meeting
    1. November 11th
    2. For the first meeting in December, we have the opportunity to take advantage of low-cost facilitation so the date and time may be adjusted to accommodate this.
  8. Outstanding items:
    1. Permanent Treasurer position has yet to be filled
  9. Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM

Dear Member-Owners,

We are so excited that the day has finally come to transition to a community owned co-op! We’ve been working towards this goal for over three years and November 1, 2015 it will come to fruition. Congratulations, you now own a working thriving business!

But with great power comes great responsibility. We need you all to find a way to participate in making Know Thy Food Cooperative into a large, financially stable business so we can continue to bring the highest quality foods straight from the farm to our community and into our homes. So rummage through your closet and pull out your superhero capes!

Here is one easy way you can contribute: encourage friends to come TOMORROW MORNING, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28 from 9 am-12 pm to Know Thy Food. We’re hosting an exciting Friends & Family referral event with Azure Standard. As you all know, Azure Standard is one of our amazing local farms and bulk buying sources for a plethora of organic and natural foods and goods that we love to support.

Tomorrow, at this exclusive event, there will be all sorts of incentives to join both Know Thy Food and Azure Standard! Joining Azure is free, and you will receive a $10 credit for every friend who signs up, as will your friends! That is FREE food for your family!

Know Thy Food will also give a $10 credit good toward your next ordering cycle for every friend you bring who signs up. Your friend will get free coffee or tea, and if they pay in full, a free insulated KTF branded Kleen Kanteen (limited supplies, so only available to the first 25 people to join)! We could also use 1-2 more people to answer questions and help people sign up. Do you have an hour to come help? Email!

In the next two months KTF will continue to offer $10 to each Member-Owner who refers a friend who joins KTF as a Member-Owner. Our goal is to have at least 50 new owners in the next few days/weeks because the Board has decided to purchase a brand new online ordering platform to make all of our lives easier! The new ordering software will have an online checkout process, automatic confirmations and reminders, a search function, and many other features that will improve KTF! We are very excited about this prospect, and are also graciously accepting donations to our new IT fund. If you would like to simply donate to the new ordering system, you can send funds by PayPal to (make a note in the memo section that this is for the IT Fund) and to read more about the software we want, please go to Local Food Marketplace.

One of our long term goals is to have our Member-Owners volunteer on a regular basis. This allows you to truly be involved in YOUR (our) business so you can give us feedback as to what we could change or improve! There are so many ways to volunteer – stocking the market, helping with special buys or sorting the regular ordering cycle, making calls to club owners who haven’t yet transitioned to Member-Ownership, dropping off flyers to naturopathic offices and colleges to let them know what delicious and healthy food KTF has to offer, joining the Board of Directors or a committee, and more! We will have sign up sheets at the co-op so you can tell us what your availability and skill set is. Members will get a 10% discount at the cafe and market on volunteer days as an extra incentive! Email for more information!

Thank you to our masked (and unmasked) crusaders who continue to protect and serve the community’s most valued resource – Know Thy Food.

With love and health,

Your Board

T H A N K   Y O U ! ! ! 

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has stepped forward in some way to show their support; whether you emailed some kind words to me and the staff, stopped by the market with resources or to shop for groceries or just to check in and see how we’re doing, came to Wednesday’s emergency meeting, joined as a Member-Owner despite the uncertainty, want to volunteer, joined a committee, or applied to be on the Board of Directors, it all means so much to see our community come together and rally around KTF in this way. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of such a caring community that wants to see KTF go on and continue to thrive.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe we can be cautiously optimistic. I have re-opened the Order Cycle for this week and am looking forward to getting back into our regular rhythm again. I remain, as always, committed to to work towards the transition into a cooperative.

On Wednesday we gathered 5 applications for new Directors, and so at this point I would like to turn this message over to the new KTF Board of Directors.

Sincerely yours,

Hello Know Thy Food Members and Friends,

My name is Jocelyn Mueller. I am a member-owner, neighbor, and long -time customer and now I am stepping in to the president position on the board. There have been a lot things happening in the last few weeks, months, and years at Know Thy Food that have been helping us move toward this transition, but until now the pace has been slow and quiet. Now this must change. There is still much to do and we need to start operating as a co-operative, with member-owners taking ownership in the vision of the organization and stepping into leadership and As a member of the board leadership I wanted to send out a message from the know thy food co-operative board to let members know who we are and what we stand for. The Co-operative leadership is working very hard to get things ready for the transition from LLC to co-operative.

In response to the last newsletter there was a solid turn out at the meeting last week and several folks that have stepped forward to join the board. Wenow have enough people to fill all the vacant Officer positions on the Board.

Please help me give a very warm welcome to our 5 new Directors:

Natalie Bennon
Sarah Gilbert
Doug Heck
Brooke Klein
Jenna van Looven

They join Annie Bosworth Foley, Jocelyn Mueller, Stefanie Walker and Rebecca Andersson to serve as the KTF Board of Directors.

While we have not yet nominated the Officers, we immediately formed important committees that will do intensive work in the next 2 weeks to plan out the transition and future of KTF in detail.

We have: Finance/Business, Governance/Policy, Membership/Marketing, and are looking for more interested members to help wherever they feel most inspired. Please email to express your interest in one of our committees. Or come to the next Board meeting on Oct 21st at 6:30 pm at KTF (Warehouse Cafe, 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave).

In the near future, once the co-op has taken over operations we will also be accepting help with simpler tasks such as stocking shelves, repackaging bulk foods and assembling fresh produce boxes. If this interests you please email

It is important to the co-op that as many members as possible convert from “Club” members to Member-Owners by investing in a Membership share (aka Member-Owner equity). It’s quick and easy and just $30 gets you started. Simply PayPal to and we will bill you for the remainder of the share quarterly.

Our goal has been to have 1,000 Member-Owners by this point, but we are only 25% of the way there. If you enjoy our services — whether it is the incredible value of the online catalog, the convenience of the market, the delicious food and coffee in the cafe, the low cost family friendly entertainment — or just believe in our mission to provide access to real, healthy foods in a welcoming setting, then NOW is the time to join! October is co-op month and we urge you to invest in our co-op and purchase a membership share.

Joining is simple and you only do it one time!

To read the Meeting Minutes, go here.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FOOD COOPDear Supporter of Know Thy Food (friend, member, vendor, neighbor) —

During the last 5 years, KTF has offered 306 consecutive weekly Order Cycles online letting you shop for healthy, organic, farm-direct foods and other products online at discounted prices.

This week, Cycle 307, it all came to a halt. The chickens are still laying eggs, the cows are still giving milk, the farmers are still harvesting vegetables, and the bakers are still baking bread. But we cannot bring their products to your table.

I hope I have caught your attention. I hope your body is reacting and saying “Oh nooooooo!” and maybe you are even feeling a pit in your stomach? If nothing else, you are probably wondering, What is going on?

I know that for many of us KTF has become a resource that we rely on for real, healthy, nourishing food that comes directly from farms, ranchers and small artisan food producers who are working hard at creating an alternative, much shorter and direct food chain to eaters in the community. KTF provides so many unique and hard to find products in one convenient place. I know we draw customers from all over town who come for the grass fed gelatin, knuckle bones, fermented cod liver oil, pastured eggs and hundreds of other carefully curated selections. We strive to provide our neighbors in Brooklyn amazing coffee and friendly customer service. We make delicious food that features deli meats from a rotational grazing farm in Junction City (Deck Family Farm), organic greens from Sauvie Island (Sauvie Island Organics), and eggs from happy pastured chickens in Corvallis (Vitality Farm). KTF is also a place where friendships are forged and kids can be free to be kids without disapproving glances. We offer low cost entertainment for families 4-5 days a week. People love us and share their stories of overcoming health challenges like autism, gut dysbiosis, and even cancer because of the nourishing foods we provide! I know that I am not alone in wanting to keep KTF alive and well and active in the community.

However, I also worry that the community we serve assumes KTF is completely stabilized without realizing the fragile state we are still in. As sole proprietor, I have been working tirelessly to keep KTF going in anticipation of the final transition this past September 1st to a cooperative ownership structure. During the last 3 years that we have worked on this, we have had many struggles and challenges, yet my goal has always been to make sure KTF can become an entity that is independent and can go on into the future with new leadership (rest assured I intend to remain involved as a Director of the Board and in a “consultant” role for the foreseeable future). I have been 100% dedicated to its success and done whatever I can to push things forward.

We have a wonderful, hard working team of staff members who are dedicated to the business, our mission, and each other. Our work place is a community of friends who are proud to stand behind what we offer! We put over $800,000 back into our local economy last year, and support over 120 different farms, ranchers, small artisan food producers and other independent businesses in our city and region. We serve hundreds of families every week. We have accomplished so much already and have a functioning business with most of its needed infrastructure in place. We also share space with other small, mom and pop businesses and help food entrepreneurs with storage needs and sourcing of the best organic ingredients. We are home to a kombucha brewery! LionHeart Kombucha has been with us for 3 years, and as they move onto a bigger, new space, we are so excited to welcome Joe’s Living Kombucha into our space to continue the wonderful synergy! We also house Hazel & Pear, a sweet women’s and children’s consignment store, that is loved by the community.

We are so close! We have the whole deal written up and approved by lawyers. We are just waiting for the final paperwork to arrive so we can sign the deal. Unfortunately, a delay with the co-op’s attorney means we have not yet completed this final step to seal the deal, and close the transaction that will legally transfer all of KTF’s assets to the co-op.

Then Tuesday night, rather unexpectedly, the co-op Board lost its leadership when the President resigned. Unfortunately, because our Board is already so small, and because of my conflict of interest as the current sole proprietor and owner of KTF, there is nobody else to step into that leadership position. Without a President, the Board cannot function. And without a Board, nobody can sign the contracts that pass on the torch to the new KTF leadership. Without leadership and a contract, KTF cannot go on.

KTF entails an incredible amount of organization on the back end, as well as many legal and financial responsibilities. These have been shouldered by me alone in anticipation of September 1st, 2015, when my lease was up, and the co-op was to step into its leadership shoes relieving me from being the only legally and financially responsible party. I am thankful to have my burden lightened up in this way, so I can do what I do best, which is bring my vision and passion in service of KTF’s mission. While I am not able to continue on in the sole proprietor role (personally guaranteeing leases, vendor accounts, liabilities as an employer etc), I am super excited to continue carrying out the mission of KTF with the proper support network in place and under new cooperative leadership. I cannot do this alone. This is extremely difficult and emotional for me, but without new leadership, I will have to shut down KTF as early as October 31st. The KTF we all know and love would go away forever.

So what can you do NOW?
As one last plea to our community of members, supporters, vendors, friends and neighbors, I am asking for anyone who wants to help to do one or all of the following:

1. Join as a Member-Owner! It is quick and easy and we can accept as little as $30 (50% discount for low income families) to get you started on the Member-Owner track. Go here to register. Select your co-op member-ownership type (NOT “club membership”) and then pay through the PayPal link. If you are already registered online, but are not a Member-Owner, simply send the $30 (or $15 if low income) to by PayPal. This is a small, but very powerful way to tell us that you are behind us and to inspire our new leadership to keep moving forward!

2. Apply to be on our Board. We can have 12 Directors and currently only have 4. Directors must be Member-Owners in good standing, so if you have not done step #1, do that first! We are looking for people to serve in all positions on the Board, including someone with leadership skills, vision, and passion for KTF’s mission that we’d hope to see in a Board President. Email me if you have questions about the tasks facing the Board.

3. Plan to shop our store in person on Tuesday 10/13 and Wednesday 10/14 instead of picking up your online order. We need to see your faces and know that you support KTF. Come tell us you love us and want us to stay open!

4. Come to our next Board meeting on Wed 10/14 at 6:30 pm at 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave and show us your love. Tell us you want to help and want to volunteer your time in some way. You must be a Member-Owner to volunteer, so if you have not done step #1, do that first! We will find a job for you, however small, to fit your schedule and time constraints.

5. If nothing else, send this letter to all your friends who you think can help.

We know that there are many challenges ahead. The remaining Board, staff and I are all willing to face the tasks in front of us, and want to build a competent Board with strong leadership that can get this work done and lead us forward into the future, so KTF can be the best co-op possible for us all.

I believe in KTF and I believe in the community that stands behind KTF, and I know we can accomplish almost anything if we just set our minds to it.

Let’s do this! Thanks so much for all the support over the years! I would never have been able to get this far without you all.

12079178_10103738857231991_4527232605751424821_nFall is coming, which means earlier sunsets and more time indoors instead of outdoors play. Baking is one of our favorite Fall things to do.

Here is a fun and easy muffin recipe that works both as a breakfast, snack and dessert! And my kiddos love to help make it!

Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl (eyeballed amounts):
2 cups almond meal
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/2 cup dried blueberries
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt

In another bowl, mix together (I like to use a stick blender):
3-4 ripe bananas
1/2 cup maple syrup
4 tbsp melted coconut oil
4 tbsp plain yogurt or sour cream

Mix wet and dry ingredients together, scoop into 12 lined muffin cups, sprinkle more chia seeds on top.12047124_10103738857147161_8883559166353777971_n
Bake at 350F for 30-35 mins, till set in the center.



1120064_10153148592330065_1816265088_oAs seasons move along, gardens produce and produce – we hope. Gardeners and cooks prepare spring rhubarb- and summer nectarine buckles and breads. Juicy summer blackberries mingle in pies with tart apples. Pumpkins, a bright sight when the days are gray, meander across garden beds and hillsides. And spicy peppers hang plumply at different levels of heat and color; lime green, chartreuse, golden, orange, red and black. With no surprise, pickling, canning, drying and baking obsess our dreams.

So, what can we do with all this food, to feed us and prevent it from going to waste? How can we prepare creative, delicious and unique recipes  to feed our bodies and spirits? Love – is a good first ingredient. From there, creativity knows no bounds.

With all this in mind, Know Thy Food would  like to share some easy, nourishing recipes with you here; we hope you’ll do the same. Do you have recipes you’d like to share, using seasonal ingredients and local products? Please let us know how you like them and email your own fresh food recipes to us at

And please sign up to receive every issue of the Know Thy Food newsletter.

Mini frittatas

I love participating in meal trains for my mama friends when they have new babies. It’s been such a gift to our family, and I just love paying it forward. I also love that it “forces” me to double or in some cases quadruple the recipe and make a big batch for us to enjoy, too. I am getting good at this whole cooking for a small army thing!

Ingredients for mini frittatas


Recently, my friend Melanie, had a baby boy and I decided to make them some nutritious mini frittatas. I don’t use recipes much anymore other than for inspiration or as a loose guide. This meal was inspired by this recipe.

Here is what I did:

1. Brown 1 lb ground beef (you could also easily use bulk sausage or any other ground meat like turkey or pork).
2. Saute 2 lbs sliced leeks and 2 lbs grated carrots in lots of bacon grease.

3. Season with salt, rose pepper, Berbere seasoning.
4. Mix meat and veggies together. Let cool in a big bowl.
5. Beat 24 eggs in another big bowl. Crumble in 1 lb sheep’s feta.
6. Add the meat and veggie mix into the beaten egg feta mix.
7. Ladle into lined muffin tins. I only like using the If You Care brand (I get it from Azure Standard) because it doesn’t stick at all.
8. Bake on 350F for 15-20 mins until fully set.

Enjoy for lunch, dinner or breakfast, too!

Mini frittatas


KTF pick-up hours will be Tues 4-8 pm and Wed 10 am – 2 pm on the day before the Thursday holiday. We will be closed all day Thanksgiving, Xmas Day and New Year’s Day to allow our hard working staff time off to enjoy with family & friends.

As of 1/11, we will be closing at 6 PM daily except on Tuesdays. Our new winter hours will be as follows:

Mon 8 AM – 6 PM
Tues 8 AM – 8 PM (KTF pick-up starts at 4 PM)
Wed – Sat 8 AM – 6 PM
Sun 8 AM – 6 PM

The kitchen will close at 5 PM daily. Happy Hour is from 3 – 5 PM daily!