Ordering FAQ

Our extensive online catalog showcases organic and local foods and other sustainably produced goods, which are available to our members at a discount through a pre-order system*. Purchasing cooperatively in this way, we are able to pass along excellent value to our members while supporting our local farmers, ranchers and other small scale producers!


Only members can shop online, but we have an open membership policy. Anyone can become a member! First-time shoppers can join and shop at member prices for 30 days to try us out before paying the fee.

To become a member, you must register, agree to our Terms of Service, and submit a membership payment (once your 30 day free trial is up).

PLEASE NOTE: In 2013-2014, we will be transitioning from a private Food Buying Club (Sole Proprietor LLC) to a Community Owned Cooperative Grocery, owned by our Member-Owners. The new co-op will be one entity that will own Warehouse Cafe & Market (our B&M location) and Know Thy Food (our online ordering service). Until the transition to a co-op is complete, you have the choice of joining the club as a club member by paying an annual fee of $30, or joining the co-op as a Member-Owner by investing Membership Equity. We strongly encourage investment in the co-op! Please read more about the differences on our co-op FAQ page.


In 2013-14 you will have a choice of joining as a club member for $30, or joining as a co-op Member-Owner. The cost of Membership Equity is $150 + $25 admin fee per household. A household is defined as one primary member, his/her spouse or partner, and all their children under the age of 21 living with them. Limited income households receive a 50% discount and may pay $75 + $25 admin fee. Limited income is defined as households receiving EBT (food stamps), unemployment benefits, living below 120% of federal poverty level, or living on a small, limited income such as Social Security.


All buyers contribute a 10% co-op fee (this fee will increase to 12% on Jan 31, 2014) on top of the cost of their goods. The co-op fee will appear on your invoice as a separate line item. The co-op fee helps us pay for our overhead (rent, wages, utilities, insurance, supplies, bank fees, licensing etc). Co-op Member-Owners may offset the co-op fee by volunteering to help sort, weigh and package the food that’s delivered (volunteer program coming soon!).


All orders are placed through online through our catalog and shopping cart, which helps us aggregate orders into single bulk orders. The online shopping works on a weekly Order Cycle. The catalog is always available for browsing, but the shopping cart only accepts orders during a set time. Currently, the weekly Order Cycle begins on Monday. Members may place orders online until the cart automatically closes on Thursday at 8 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything you place in your cart stays there unless you remove it, and everything in your cart at the time the Order Cycle closes is considered an order for those products. There is no “checkout process” other than this. There is a link to prepay by PayPal on the finalized invoice within your account. Our system does not send out automatic email reminders, so members must assume responsibility for all their own orders by logging in and checking their account and by remembering the delivery dates of any “irregularly delivered” items (see more on this below).

Once the Order Cycle is closed for ordering, our farmers, producers and account admins log in to view the orders and finalize all member invoices. Typically, this happens by Sunday at 8 PM. Members can then log back in to view their finalized invoices the day before delivery.


We accept cash, checks from members with local IDs, EBT (food stamps), Dwolla, PayPal, and all major credit and debit cards. We provide a convenient link to pay by PayPal from the invoice itself that can be accessed once it has been finalized. We strongly encourage all members ordering for the first time to prepay in this way using PayPal. Simply access your invoice and click on the PayPal link on the bottom of the page. When paying by PayPal, be sure to print your receipt to show as proof of pre-payment at pick up time.

Although there are no minimums you must spend or commitment, we encourage members to keep a positive account balance at all times. To do this, simply “overpay” by PayPal or in person. All overpayments will be held in account form on your personal account as credits available for use at any time.


Orders must be picked up at our location at 3434 SE Milwaukie Ave between 4 – 8 PM on Tuesday and 10 AM – 6 PM on Wednesday. Please enter through the front door at Warehouse Café & Market and go to the back counter to sign in on the clipboard. We will serve everyone on a “first come, first served” basis unless you made an appointment online through our booking system.

Appointments for pick-up during these times are available at knowthyfood.simplybook.me.

PLEASE NOTE: The pick-up counter is not staffed during other times. If these times do not work for you, you must contact us by phone or email to make an appointment. Our baristas and market clerks are not able to leave their stations and provide the kind of service the dedicated pick-up counter staff provides. To encourage prompt pick-ups, there will be a $5/day storage fee for orders left past regular pick-up times.


Yes! All members enjoy discounts in our cafe and market on Member Appreciation days, which currently coincide with our Pick-Up times. The discount at this time is 10% off of retail price.

Co-op Member-Owners also enjoy voting rights, and may run for positions on our Board of Directors, as well as participate in our Volunteer Program and earn either food credit or discounts (exact details TBD once the our new co-op has been incorporated).


We are a tiny operation and we work very hard to make this way of shopping as pleasant and hassle free as possible while offering excellent value of high quality items, and providing a valuable service to our local farmers, ranchers, and other small scale producers as well.

Due to various factors such as high ordering minimums, different delivery methods, driving distances, order processing times etc we cannot always get every item we offer delivered to our location every week. Perishables, such as fresh produce, dairy and eggs, and many other items are available weekly, but some frozen or dry goods only arrive once or twice a month.

For example, due to the large quantities we must purchase in order to enjoy wholesale pricing from Hummingbird Wholesale and GloryBee Foods we ask that all members order these items only once a month during the Order Cycle labelled “Hummingbird/GloryBee” on our calendar.

Other vendors need more advance notice than a few days to prepare their orders, so we take advance orders for products available at a later date (this is especially true for whole, half and quarter animals, Thanksgiving turkeys, fisherman direct salmon shares shipped from Alaska and other items that come to us by  3rd party carrier).

These details should be noted in the product descriptions, so please do read the item descriptions. Members are responsible for all orders place on their accounts.

For answers to additional questions, please refer to our FAQ page or email Rebecca at rebecca@knowthyfood.com.


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*The online ordering application is based on the successful Oklahoma Food and Nebraska Food Co-op models.