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WEEKLY ORDER CYCLE: Saturday - Thursday at 8 PM
Due to member requests, we are opening the Order Cycle 2 days EARLY, on Saturday, to allow more time for weekend ordering and meal planning. The Order Cycle will close, as usual, at 8 pm on Thursday and deliver, as usual, the following Tuesday with pick up times on Tues and Wed. Please be aware that if you order on Saturday or Sunday, the Order Cycle will still be open until Thursday at 8 pm and your order will not arrive until the following Tuesday.
PLEASE NOTE: The shopping cart does not have a regular checkout process. Whatever you leave in your cart past the Order Cycle closing time is considered an order for those items and must be picked up and paid for.

PICK UP TIMES: Our pick-up is on Tuesday from 4 - 8 PM and Wednesday from 10 AM - 6 PM the week after the Order Cycle has closed. KTF is not staffed during other times. If these times do not work for you, you must email or call to make an appointment. Our baristas and market clerks are not able to provide you with the kind of service the trained KTF staff can provide. Due to the number of "stragglers" recently, we are instituting a $5/day storage fee for orders left past regular pick-up times without special arrangements being made. Thank you for understanding!

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